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Lania Desmond

Available Sessions with Lania Desmond

Lania's abilities are simply profound. She has a way of instilling positive thinking about yourself, relationships, financial success and more. It doesn't take long for a difficult problem to become untangled and solved. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to redefine their life. — Christopher Dennen, Ph.D.

All private sessions and workshops are available
in person or by phone.

SoulPoint Initial Series – Five-Sessions
The Blueprint for Powerful Transformation

Each SoulPoint session focuses on a major paradigm of life. Lania gently untangles a web of misconceptions that keep you from seeing life as it truly is. Through experiential exercises, she guides you to fully embrace new attitudes and expanded beliefs. It can feel as if there were a plug lying on the floor of your consciousness, and Lania picks the cord up and plugs it in. With this new connection, your entire frame of reference changes. And because of that, your life changes.

The SoulPoint Initial Series lays the groundwork for other series. It is also available in a weekend workshop format. An expanded nine week Teleseminar covering the SoulPoint Initial Series will soon be available. Sign the Guest book to let us know what you are interested in receiving information about. Check back as we will be adding further information as well as dates and times for all events.

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Resolving Stubborn Issues

These sessions are perfect for individuals who wish to release the cause of repetitive/unwanted issues or behaviors, such as dysfunctional relationships, deep — seated anger, feeling stifled professionally, stress, or even illusive patterns difficult to understand.

EssenceWork is designed to bring up the precise issue that needs to be addressed. During the process, Lania is directed to the point of impact that initiated the issue. Then she activates the release on all levels involved, whether it is physical, emotional, or mental. The work is done while the client relaxes. A short consultation follows, where she provides details of what areas were affected and what to do as the release unfolds. This process is simple and requires very little on the part of the client. People typically experience a growing sense of tranquility as the issue lifts off over time.

EssenceWork is also recommended for anyone wishing to clear away any harmful patterns or beliefs set up from a miscarriage, still birth, abortion, etc.

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Couples Series
Steps on the Path of Love

7 sessions (3 sessions together, 2 private sessions each)
What unresolved issues keep resurfacing between you and your partner? In a safe and nurturing environment, each individual will have the opportunity to work through his or her issues. Couples will gain a deeper understanding of the causative factors being played out in the relationship. They may feel a deeper bond with one another and a greater sense of compassion, as they heal old patterns and reclaim the joy and innocence that originally brought them together. Sometimes, however, couples come to understand that it may be time to move beyond the relationship, as new and unique awarenesses come to the surface.

The SoulPoint Initial Series is a prerequisite to the Couples Series.

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Special Sessions Offered for Fertility/Pregnancy Issues

Pregnancy Issues
In these sessions, we will examine this unique topic from varying perspectives, which can include looking at what is happening in the present as well as the past. Some issues we may explore are: miscarriages, abortions, still births, and infertility. You may feel as if a great weight has been lifted when you come to understand how these challenges have brought to the surface what needs to be healed, how when these issues are understood from the appropriate perspective, the problems seem to quickly resolve themselves.

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Conscious Parenting
It takes more than just parenting skills to raise today's savvy children. They are more awake and aware of who they are, and have a presence that may seem daunting by our old rules of perceiving life.

These sessions focus on helping parents to let go of outdated beliefs and patterns, allowing them to rise up to a more expansive viewpoint, using a blueprint that gives them an experiential awareness of what their children truly need—or may be really asking for through their behavior. This allows for deeper bonding within the family environment.

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Other Information
All sessions are approximately one-and-a-half hours long. When doing a series of sessions, they are best done as close together as possible, such as days apart. SoulPoint is offered on an individual basis and also in workshop format.

An expanded nine week Teleseminar covering the Initial Series will soon be available. Sign the Guestbook to let us know you are interested in receiving information about this series. Check back to this site as we will be adding further information as well as dates and times.

Sessions are available by phone or in person.

Call for more information on fees or to set an appointment. Cash, checks, credit cards through PayPal, and money orders are accepted.

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To learn more about how this work may benefit you, please browse through the web site, visit the services page and contact us with any questions you may have, or to set an appointment.

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