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Lania Desmond

Lania is purely and simply the voice of your Soul, the true Self that only wants love for you. The experience will resemble no other — guaranteed! — Kathy Meinecke

SoulPoint HeartsSoulPoint is a time-proven process that restores your sense of personal value and confidence, while activating your life’s purpose. What SoulPoint is not is another self-help method or form of healing. Nor is it a spiritual path or discipline.

While most types of self-help or healing are designed to eliminate some problem or behavior, SoulPoint does the opposite; it restructures your frame of reference so you can perceive your life from a totally fresh perspective. The fact that significant changes occur naturally and seemingly without effort underscores the beauty of SoulPoint.

During each session, Lania uses her considerable gifts to lead you to a deep place of understanding of a specific topic or issue. Her terrific sense of humor, gentle guidance and frequent use of analogies to illustrate key points are very important elements in the process. The results often unfold over weeks and months, opening the floodgates to happiness and prosperity.

Benefits of SoulPoint
How would it feel if you could transform any aspect of your life from hardship to ease? With the SoulPoint process, you can. Using a five-step formula, the foundation is laid to successfully transform specifically designed formulas, SoulPoint lays the foundation to successfully shift issues and challenges into highly desirable and productive outcomes, which can:

    Discover how to:

  • Break out of dysfunctional patterns and start living the life you truly desire
  • Develop healthy, happy, and vibrant relationships in all areas of life
  • Resolve issues around money and career
  • Increase enthusiasm and gain a greater appreciation of yourself
  • Become the magnet that gently and easily attracts what you want
  • Clarify and change pivitol belief systems
  • Enhance your Indigo talents and abilities.

Introducing EssenceWork
On an energetic level, underlying aspects can act like “glue” to hold stubborn issues in place. EssenceWork dissolves these negative aspects so stubborn issues gently and naturally fall away. See how you can experience a sense of freedom in every area of your life in the EssenceWork section of this website.

Lania has an uncanny ability to zero in on the heart of the matter and bring underlying issues immediately to the surface for transformation. To learn more about how this work can benefit you, call or email today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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